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Please Get Involved in the RF100 Tulsa Campaign by doing 4 things for us now:
1. Use the Join Now Form below to provide us with your contact information.
2. Read the information about the RF100 Tulsa Campaign Structure provided below the Join Now Form and think about what level of involvement would best match your time, talents, and interests: Strategic Planning and Executive Level Leadership; Operational Team Leadership; Situational Volunteer Service.
3. Using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page, Reach out by email or text message to an RF100 Tulsa Co-Organizer to arrange a phone conversation or online meeting to discuss the RF100 Tulsa Campaign’s Action Plan and how you can help implement it.
4. Enter the Co-organizers contact information in your contacts and vow to respond to them when they reach out to you by phone, text, and/or email to welcome you to the Ready for 100 Tulsa Climate Taming Family.

Tulsa RF100

Campaign Structure

The Structure Consists of the 
Following Operational Teams:
• A Mapping Team: This team will engage Tulsa’s diverse communities through dialogues enabling participants to share the views about the opportunities and challenges the transition to clean renewable energy will bring to each community;
• An Equity-Energy Justice Team: This team will develop and advocate policies for eliminating environmental racism, ensuring that Tulsa residents have equal opportunities to secure jobs within the clean renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, and ensuring that Tulsa residents have equal access to affordable clean renewable energy and energy efficiency options;
• A Recruiting & Outreach Team: This team will develop and implement outreach strategies to recruit a diverse and intergenerational “family” of advocates for Tulsa achieving a rapid and just transition to a thriving clean renewable energy future;
• A Research and Policy Team: This team will identify, analyze, and report on laws, regulations, government policies, government reports, private reports, and private policy proposals that are relevant to how quickly Tulsa’s thriving clean renewable energy future will arrive;
• An IT/Communications Team: This team will ensure that the RF100 Tulsa Campaign effectively uses all means of communications and disseminates messages carefully crafted to generate support for Tulsa achieving a rapid and just transition to a thriving clean renewable energy future.

Contact Us

Biographical & Contact Information for RF100 Tulsa Campaign Co-Organizers

Gary Allison

Gary Allison is Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Sustainable Energy & Resources Law Program at The University of Tulsa College of Law, where he taught Constitutional, Energy, Environmental, and Water Law. Gary’s main concern is Climate Change Mitigation.

Phone: 918-292-9882

Nancy Moran

Nancy Moran has been a registered nurse for more than 25 years. She has a masters degree in integrative health and wellness from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. A Fellow of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, Nancy’s main concern is Environmental Justice.

Phone: 918-857-1206

Ready for 100 Tulsa’s Action Plan

The RF100 Tulsa Campaign has a very ambitious action plan centered on Enlisting Tulsa Residents Like You to join a diverse and intergenerational Family of Climate Tamers who will advocate for Tulsa achieving a rapid and just transition to a thriving clean renewable energy future. We need you to Join RF100 Tulsa’s Climate Taming Family because the just and clean renewable energy future Tulsa needs will not soon arrive unless we successfully:

  • Petition the City of Tulsa to use all its governmental powers to help bring about that future as soon as possible;
  • Help Tulsa residents, businesses, and other organizations become more energy efficient, transition to clean renewable means of transportation, and perhaps install rooftop solar generating facilities on their homes and buildings;
  • Support Indian Nations’ energy sovereignty initiatives;
  • Support Public Service Company’s efforts to become a 100% clean renewable electricity provider; and
  • Advocate for Energy and Environmental Justice