The Ready For 100 Nationwide Movement

As of July 28, 2020, the Ready for 100 Movement had succeeded in getting 166 cities and towns, 13 counties, nine states and territories, and seven school districts to commit to at least one of the RF100 Energy Goals (100% Clean Renewable Electricity community-wide and/or 100% Clean Renewable Energy community-wide). To learn more about these commitments, click here after reading the instructions below.
The link will take you to the RF100 Commitment Map, which except for the numbers, will look like the graphic below.

Note that the map now shows the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. At the bottom you will notice that there are now 195 results, which are the States & Territories, Counties, Cities & Towns, and School Districts that have adopted at least one RF100 energy goal.

If you scroll down below the Sort by, Results, and Export as CSV line, you will see 12 rectangles that provide you with the names of 12 entities that made a commitment and a short summary of the commitment. These entities will be in an order reflecting how close each one is to your location unless you change the Sort by option. You can hit numbers below the rectangles to bring up additional sets of 12 until you have seen all 195 entities that have made an RF100 commitment.

You can use the Refine Search tool to the right of the map (see the graphic above) if you want to segregate out just the states & territories, or just the counties, or just the cities & towns, or just the school districts. Focus on the Committed list in the middle of the tool. Then hit the names of the groupings you do not want to see until only the one you want to see is highlighted. Then you will see below the map the results telling you how many entities are in the grouping you selected, and below that you will see the rectangles that identify them and give you a short summary of their commitments. For example, if you hit States & Territories, Counties, and School Districts, only Cities & Towns will still be highlighted and the results will show you how many Cities & Towns have made an RF100 Commitment.

As of July 28, 2020, 47 cities and towns, five counties, and one school district had already achieved the RF100 community-wide electricity goal. To learn about them, click the Powered Communities link in the center of the 2nd line of the Ready for 100 webpage to access the Powered by tab, scroll down until you see the bold words Communities Powered by Clean Energy, and click the Red Explore the map. You will see the nationwide map again and at the bottom you will again see 12 rectangles providing you with the names of entities that have already achieved the RF100 electricity goal. By clicking on the numbers below the rectangles, you can bring up additional sets of 12 until you have seen all 53 entities that have achieved the RF100 electricity goal. To segregate out a grouping on which you want to focus, follow the instructions above about how to use the Refine Search tool except use the Powered list (which is below the Committed List).